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Centrone & Shrader Helps Innocent Man Accused Of Murder

Centrone & Shrader in the News: We are working hard to clear the name of an innocent man arrested at his job, jailed for 10 days, then released, all for a murder he did not commit. Yet, for some reason, the criminal case against him remains open.

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Federal Prosecutors Seek To End Harsh Prison Sentences For Low-Level Drug Offenders

Attorney General Holder has announced that low-level, non-violent drug offenders without gang ties or connections to large-scale drug organizations will no longer be charged by the federal government with crimes that could impose severe mandatory minimum sentences.

In the past, those charged with such crimes may face decades in prison for tiny amounts of certain drugs. Holder recognized such sentences were draconian and stated that the “We cannot simply prosecute or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation.”

If you have been charged with a crime related to drug possession or trafficking, in either state or federal court, call the experienced attorneys of Centrone & Shrader, LLC at (813) 360-1LAW.

Don’t talk to the Police

We found this excellent video from a law professor explaining why, even if you’re completely innocent and even if you have absolutely nothing to hide, it is never a good idea to talk to the police.

If the police ever attempt to interview you, politely and respectfully decline. Then call the lawyers of Centrone & Shrader, LLC at (813) 360-1LAW.

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Tampa’s Most Common DUI Locations

According to the Tampa Police Department website, these are Tampa’s Top 10 DUI Arrest Locations:

Channelside District
Courtney Campbell Causeway
Dale Mabry Corridor (Kennedy to Hillsborough)
Hillsborough Avenue Corridor (Dale Mabry to I-275)
Howard (Kennedy to I-275)
Kennedy Corridor (Dale Mabry to Hillsborough River)
Nebraska Avenue (Waters to Fowler)
Tampa Palms
Ybor City

Be careful and don’t drive drunk! If you need legal help, call the lawyers of Centrone & Shrader, LLC at (813) 360-1LAW.

Judge Acquits Police Officer Accused Of Abuse After Refusing To Watch Video of Assault

In St. Louis, Missouri, a police officer was caught on video slamming his forearm across the face of a handcuffed teenage suspect.  Officer Rory Bruce was fired for the incident, which occurred last year, and was charged with assault.

But when Bruce’s trial began this week, the judge refused to watch the video from the police transport vehicle’s camera.  Instead, Judge Theresa Counts Burke found him not guilty.

Judge Burke refused to tell local media why she didn’t watch the strongest piece of evidence in the case against the former cop.  The head of the police union, Jeff Roorda, who is also a Missouri state legislator,  fully agreed with her decision not to view the video because he believes videos should only be used to protect police, not hold them accountable.  Roorda is now going to help Bruce get his job back.

If you feel your rights were violated during an arrest, call Centrone & Shrader, LLC at (813) 360-1LAW.

Can you record someone without their consent? New court ruling says, “Maybe”

A recent decision by the Second District Court of Appeals has cast doubt on the idea that a person cannot record another person in Florida without both parties’ consent.  The Court inMcDade v. State ruled that a citizen doesn’t have an “expectation of privacy” in what they say if the content is not something that society is willing to protect. 

In McDade, the defendant was recorded in his bedroom by his step-daughter without his knowledge. The court held “though he did not use sexually explicit language, he appeared to be asking her to have sex with him.” The Court found that society would not accept that there was a privacy interest in those statements.  Thus, it is what you say that determines whether you have a privacy right.  This contradicts prior rulings that hold it is where you say something that whether you have a right to privacy depends on “what” you say.

This appears to mean that courts will decide on a case-by-case basis if a statement is something society thinks you should not have a right to say.   The appeals court has asked the Florida Supreme Court to weigh in on this issue.  That may bring clarity to an issue that has suddenly become very unclear.

Police arrest 11 gang members

Launching “Operation Red Dawn,”  investigators in eastern Hillsborough County and at least three other Bay area counties, have arrested 11 members of the Nortenos, or the Norte 14

“Homicide, firearms, drug-dealing, aggravated battery – they are the worst of the worst and they are now off of our streets,” said Attorney General Pam Bondi.

The gang originated in California and is identified by the color red and the number 14.

The arrests came from a 10-month investigation, uncovering the gang’s connections to crimes in Pasco, Polk, and Manatee counties as well.

“They’re relatively young. They go out, and the recruit our innocent kids. They recruit them in to gang members. Especially kids from broken homes, because they tell them they are going to give them a sense of family. Joining a gang is not about family, it’s about becoming a violent, violent criminal,” Bondi said.

“This was a fantastic operation and we did a great job, but it’s never going to stop,” said HCSO Col. Donna Lusczynski.

If convicted, the men face a minimum of 30 years in Florida state prison.