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CNBC & Yahoo Finance: She was denied public service loan forgiveness, so she filed a lawsuit

However, Gus Centrone, a consumer lawyer in Florida, said student loan servicers position themselves as the main source of information for borrowers and therefore do have a responsibility to provide comprehensive and accurate advice. Like Arkovich, he has received calls from hundreds of borrowers who’ve run into problems with the public service loan forgiveness program, he said.

Centrone is involved in a lawsuit against Navient, which seeks to become a class action. If the case is successful, he said, at least tens of thousands of public servants could be eligible for damages.

ABC Action News: Student loan nightmare: ‘I have to start all over’

Her attorney, Gus Centrone, filed two similar lawsuits against the loan servicer Navient this fall. He’s seeking class action statuses.

“The harm here is so great there needs to be a remedy for the people who volunteered for public service,” Centrone said.

“We’re hearing the same story time and time again. Loan servicers were telling people ‘No problem, you’re going to qualify.’ And then they find out 10 years later that they never qualified at all,” Centrone said.

NerdWallet: Unhappy With a Rent-A-Center Contract? You Have Options

If Rent-A-Center has pursued criminal charges against you, your best response is to settle your account, says Gus Centrone, a lawyer in Tampa, Florida, who has represented Rent-A-Center customers in disputes.

“People will typically plead no contest or guilty and will have to pay the money back,” Centrone says. But that’s better than spending time in jail.

By signing a plea agreement, however, you are required to pay what the company stipulates, Centrone says. “There’s no discussion about whether the terms were fair or what was really owed.”

Unhappy With a Rent-A-Center Contract? You Have Options

Tampa Bay Times: Florida Leads the Nation in the Number of Prisoners Released by Obama

Many who received clemency had been sentenced to life in prison. Among them is Gulley, the Pensacola man convicted in 1996. Brian Shrader, his attorney, called him this summer to tell him he would be released Sept. 2.

“We’ve been over-criminalizing and we’re incarcerating too many people and really doing harm to ourselves,” said criminal defense lawyer Brian Shrader of Tampa. “We’re really punishing our own society.”



Bayfront Hospital Accused of Incorrectly Billing Mother of Triplets

“We contacted Ohle’s attorney, Gus Centrone of Centrone & Shrader who informed us, “What’s strange is when Miss Ohle questioned the charges, Bayfront told her she didn’t owe them but then turned around and sued her.”

According to Pinellas County records Bayfront did indeed file a small claims lawsuit against Ohle in January of this year. Centrone also added that having spoken to other parents of babies delivered at Bayfront, especially triplets who are a “community amongst themselves” many were also billed for similar charges. Bayfront informed those they were either a mistake or billed simply as a matter of course.

“It appears Bayfront haven’t got a straight story and seem unsure of their actual policy,” Centrone said.


Bayfront hospital accused of incorrectly billing mother of triplets

Centrone & Shrader Helps Innocent Man Accused Of Murder

Centrone & Shrader in the News: We are working hard to clear the name of an innocent man arrested at his job, jailed for 10 days, then released, all for a murder he did not commit. Yet, for some reason, the criminal case against him remains open.

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Federal Prosecutors Seek To End Harsh Prison Sentences For Low-Level Drug Offenders

Attorney General Holder has announced that low-level, non-violent drug offenders without gang ties or connections to large-scale drug organizations will no longer be charged by the federal government with crimes that could impose severe mandatory minimum sentences.

In the past, those charged with such crimes may face decades in prison for tiny amounts of certain drugs. Holder recognized such sentences were draconian and stated that the “We cannot simply prosecute or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation.”

If you have been charged with a crime related to drug possession or trafficking, in either state or federal court, call the experienced attorneys of Centrone & Shrader, LLC at (813) 360-1LAW.

Don’t talk to the Police

We found this excellent video from a law professor explaining why, even if you’re completely innocent and even if you have absolutely nothing to hide, it is never a good idea to talk to the police.

If the police ever attempt to interview you, politely and respectfully decline. Then call the lawyers of Centrone & Shrader, LLC at (813) 360-1LAW.

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