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Consumer Protection

Debt collection efforts by banks, collection agencies, and law firms can disrupt your life. Constant telephone calls at all hours, threats, and repeated demands for money that you just don’t have can make you feel harassed and abused. Debt collection can cause problems with your home life, embarrassment, and even drive you to bankruptcy. Many people don’t know that there are laws that restrict what debt collectors can and can’t do. Generally, those laws forbid debt collectors or creditors from:

  • Making frequent phone calls when you’ve told them to stop or that you can’t pay them
  • Collecting money that you don’t owe or collecting old “zombie” debts
  • Calling at unusual or inconvenient times or places
  • Calling you at work when you’ve told them to stop
  • Telling friends or relatives about your debt
  • Calling your cell phone without your permission

Many people are unsuccessful in stopping debt collector harassment on their own because some debt collectors are not threatened by consumers without an attorney, and may believe that people don’t understand their rights. An experienced attorney knows the required steps to stop creditor harassment. Without an attorney, you could miss important steps that will enable the debt collectors to keep harassing you.

If you’ve been subjected to harassment, we might be able to force the bank, debt collector, or law firm to pay you. We utilize state and federal laws that entitle you to as much as $1,000 from each entity violating those laws, or could get you as much as $1,500 per phone call. The debt collector must also must pay for your attorneys’ fees, which allows lawyers like Centrone & Shrader, PLLC to help you on a contingency fee basis. In other words, you don’t pay us. If we win, the harassing debt collector pays us – and you.

Centrone & Shrader, PLLC has sued debt collectors, banks, and law firms hundreds of times. This litigation has included class actions and multidistrict litigation. We know how they operate and can help you push back against them. Call us at (813) 360-1529 for a free evaluation of your case.


Creditors & Debt Collectors

More and more, creditors and debt collectors are subjected to lawsuits under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, and various other laws.  Those laws take your debt collection efforts and turn them into complex legal issues.  You need a law firm that knows how to navigate those legal issues to your advantage.  The attorneys at Centrone & Shrader, PLLC have litigated hundreds of cases involving various consumer protection statutes and can help protect your business interests.

What makes us different?

We’ve been on the other side of the aisle.  Unlike most attorneys defending against these actions, we have extensive experience as plaintiff’s counsel on claims under Florida and Federal consumer protection laws.  As attorneys previously with Lash & Wilcox PL, we routinely appeared in support of claims brought by consumers and bankruptcy trustees based on debt-collection harassment claims.

We have brought claims against banks, creditors, collections agencies, law firms, businesses, and others.  Further, we have extensive experience in class actions and multidistrict litigation.  We understand the fees-driven nature of these claims and the hazards of needlessly-prolonged litigation.  Our experience can lead you to faster and more efficient evaluation and resolution, either by agreement or litigation.  We have taken these matters through summary judgment, trial, and appeal so we are familiar with the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the common legal and factual issues.

In addition, we consider your company’s reputation and interests in conducting business without a constant flood of accusations.  We can conduct internal investigations to determine legal compliance of your policies, procedures, contracts, and business practices.  Our experience can help balance your company’s legal exposure to claims with its optimal business performance.