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Criminal Defense

A criminal arrest is a sudden deprivation of your freedom. Even if you have not been arrested, being subjected to a criminal investigation or having accusations brought against you can be a confusing and scary process. Law enforcement, prosecutors and judges may have already begun making decisions that will affect the rest of your life. […]

Class Actions

Centrone & Shrader, PLLC achieves substantial results for the consumers we represent and have achieved millions of dollars in settlements from the world’s largest and most powerful corporations. Centrone & Shrader is a leader in consumer-protection litigation. In a world of frivolous lawsuits, the consumer rights litigation conducted by Centrone & Shrader stands as an […]

Consumer Protection

Debt collection efforts by banks, collection agencies, and law firms can disrupt your life. Constant telephone calls at all hours, threats, and repeated demands for money that you just don’t have can make you feel harassed and abused. Debt collection can cause problems with your home life, embarrassment, and even drive you to bankruptcy. Many […]

Commercial Litigation

Centrone & Shrader, PLLC, excels in commercial and business litigation. We represent a number of local, statewide, and national businesses, both large and small. Our commercial litigation practice encompasses the issues that businesses routinely confront and is devoted to providing effective and efficient legal services that address not only the current problem but provide protection […]